Millennial Trains Project

So, apparently I’m one half (the better half?) of a DC blogger power couple. After our (debatably) brilliant real-time coverage of the inauguration festivities hosted by M Central a few months back, OhHiDC and UnemployedKat (that’s me!) have been called upon to blog about another event which will bring together progressive thinkers from The District and beyond.

This Thursday, at the Vera Cruz Gallery (conveniently located above Duffy’s if you get a hankering for wings), The Millennial Trains Project and San-Fran group, BLK SHP, will host a gathering for people to eat, drink, and look at art that is supposed to be impressive. I know absolutely nothing about art so I’ll take their word for it…

The evening will center around the launch of BLK SHP’s outpost in DC and the launch of applications for the Millennial Trains Project. We’ve been promised a few short speeches, and then the rest of the night will be more of a dinner and drinks setup. If this description is a little vague, it’s because we’re not exactly sure what to expect. I assume once we’re there, everything will become clear – but ya never know.

So to break it down, here’s what I know:

It’s public.

As cool as I’d feel being asked to cover an invite-only event, technically it’s not exclusive. Come to the Vera Cruz Gallery (2108 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001) between 7 pm and 11 pm this Thursday, April 25th.

There will be food.

The team behind the El Floridano food truck will have munchies for people to nosh on if their tummies start a-rumblin’.

There will be drinks.

I think our contact said cash bar. So yeah. That’s always good.

There’s art.

Apparently the gallery is a trendy space with graffiti on the walls (it’s intentional, not vandalism).

Smart people will be there.

The point of the night is to engage in great conversation with some of DC’s most innovative voices. We’ve been promised a diverse network of creative-thinkers, public servants, and entrepreneurs.

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