I want a puppy.

Well, really I want a baby, but a dog will do for now.

But is the fact that I work from home and occasionally experience quiet pangs of loneliness reason enough to get a pup?

I’m not sure.

I’ve been on the lookout for a while now. I check listings on Craigslist for puppies in my area, I’ve visited to pet shops repeatedly to see their newest cuddly critters, and I peruse dog finder sites looking for strays that need a loving home.

So, when my roommate sent me a picture of Poppin, a shelter puppy born somewhere in North Carolina, my heart melted. He was the furriest, fluffiest, craziest looking mutt of a pup I’d ever laid eyes on. He looked like a tiny, happy wolf.

I’ve never owned a dog. Growing up we just never had one. My sister and I often begged for a puppy and we dog-sat our neighbor’s friendly canine from time to time but in the end, my parents opted to show us the world instead. We traveled more than most families and took weekend getaways and overnight trips whenever possible. It was great. We were very fortunate. My sister and I stopped asking for a pet.

But now, in my mid-twenties, I’m in a position where I could really give a dog some love. I’m home all day to give it the attention it needs. I can feed, walk, train, and cuddle a dog for hours every day. I’m fairly settled with my job and my friends and my life here and it seems like a dog might be just the thing to spice up my daily routine.

But can I handle it? Should I get a dog?

To help determine if adopting a puppy was the smartest move for me, I surveyed a number of my closest friends and family.

My roommate is all for it. She grew up with dogs and fiercely misses her long haired Chihuahua who still lives in Ohio with her parents. She was the one who sent me the link to Poppin’s adoption page. I’ve got the go-ahead from her.

Boyfriend? He’s all in too. He wants me to get a puppy pretty much more than anything. He’s not a pushy person so he’s not pressuring me to buy a dog if it’s not what I want, but he loves animals and misses his family’s pets when he’s away from them.

Sister: Yup! She’s been a partial dog owner before (long story) and said I’m ready for the responsibility. She insists I’ll fall in love with the puppy and look back wondering how I ever could have considered NOT adopting him.

I turned to my dad last, knowing that his common sense and lawyerly outlook would help me come to my final conclusion. But, when I asked him point blank: should I get a dog? He merely said: We’re all just tiny specks of sand in the space-time continuum.


Seriously, dad?? Fathers are weird.

I’m probably gonna get this puppy.

8 thoughts on “Should I Adopt a Puppy?”

  1. Don’t get a dog. Do you like traveling? Dogs restrict that. Do you like money? Dogs suck you dry (vet, food, kennels). Do you want a child? A dog isn’t a child, and it will pull a Marley and Me leaving you 7 years of investment with a return of only memories and no future…until you get another dog throwing good money after bad.

  2. Getting a dog/pup is awesome! …but it’s also a lot of work and a surprisingly large amount of money too. And if you live in the city and have an active/sassy dog, you’ll be going to the dog park a lot. Still interested? Cool.

    Check out City Dogs Rescue (CDR) here in DC. Awesome group. You can volunteer to foster a dog while CDR looks for a new home, but be warned, you might wind up adopting the dog.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the advice. I’m definitely aware of the drawbacks and the cost and lack of flexibility is my biggest concern. That being said, lots of things in life are pricey and time consuming. I’m definitely up for a shelter/rescue dog. It just breaks my heart to know they’ve been hurt or abandoned. Thanks for the CDR tip!

  3. Phew, so relieved you’re going shelter route instead of buying from a pet shop. Pet shop puppies come from puppy mills (unless they are displaying shelter animals like some big box pet supply stores do). Many puppies sold online and in classified ads come from puppy mills, too. Beware of people who don’t want you to see the dogs’ living conditions. They are almost certainly hiding something.

    1. It’s such a sad world out there for puppies. I feel pretty strongly about getting a young pet rather than a full grown dog (because how irresistible is a puppy??!) but I will certainly go the shelter route. There are so many dogs out there who need homes. Seems like the least I can do.

      Thanks for your input!

  4. Maybe you should consider adopting someone like me. My living conditions aren’t good either, and I will love you just as much if not more than a dog. I travel easier than animals too, you’d get to pre-board and everything!

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