Sometimes I worry how my children will turn out. I don’t really know much about parenting but it seems like there are certain things that work, and certain things that don’t work. But then, there’s so much gray area it all just gets way too confusing. For example, something that doesn’t work – hitting you kid. Something that does work – hitting your kid. And by hitting I mean spanking, or whatever it is that parents occasionally use to punish their children for bad behavior in order to teach them some sort of lesson. Anyway, this is not the point I want to make because I know “spanking” is a hot topic in mommy-world right now and people get really invested in the debate. My point is that some behaviors seem like they they would encourage a child to become the best person he or she can be, while others might stifle a child and prevent him from developing into a productive human being.

You would think that showering your only child with love and attention and investing in word-of-the-day toilet paper would produce a happy, smart, socially successful child. You might also think that leaving your 4-year old in the company of the family dog while you gulp back a few too many glasses of red wine with a man you just met on jdate would produce a bitter, mal-adjusted kid. But I now have living proof that this is not always the case.

So where do things go wrong? Clearly there’s the whole nature v. nurture discussion but seriously, I guess this is why I’m not fit to be a parent. I feel like even when adults try to be the perfect parents, a child can still turn into a college drop out living at home with no job and a chain smoking habit that dulls the skin, yellows the teeth, and leaves you saying whaaaat happpenddd?

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  1. Parents need to be responsible. Children need to be respectful. Spanking children happens. Smacking a distraught teenager – necessary.

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