Things that broke this week:
* my laptop
* my blackberry
* my ipod

Also, no joke, when I’m around other people, suddenly they start having issues too. Like, when I was trying to chat with D and his skype stopped working, or when I walked into work on Thursday and the office wireless system suddenly went down. I feel like I’m sending out some weird electrical signals that have the singular goal of destroying anything tech-related.

The funniest thing about my phone is the way in which it is broken. It’s almost hard to be mad when the brokenness of it is so freakin’ bizarre. This is how my blackberry died: The screen lights up only when I hold down the red “off” key for about 10 seconds. Once “off” turns it “on”, the trackpad only works on the main screen. As soon as I open up the bigger menu, the trackpad mysteriously fails to cooperate. So, this means I can’t turn the phone off, set my alarm, or do any auto updates.

The best part of the brokenness though: The “e” key stopped working. I would text/bbm people and it would look like this: OMG my phon is so annoying. it’s brokn. argggg. i hat this.” Of course, I took this as a challenge and tried to send as many texts as possible with total disregard for the malfunctioning letter. If “e” didn’t want to work for me, then fine. I didn’t need it anyway. My texts became totally ridiculous: “arggg blackbrry did. I cant typ th lttr “”. vrizon stor far away. can i gt a fr upgrad?”.

Luckily, I ordered a new computer so at least I’m not “O for 3” anymore. Off to the Verizon store later today for a new blackberry (fingers crossed I don’t break this one too).

***Updates to this blog have become few and far between but I also write health updates for the company blog at work ( if anyone wants to check it out. As soon as our busy season winds down (flu shot season is the busiest time of the year) I’m sure I’ll start updating this one more often.

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