short shorts

Today I realized my favorite pair of shorts are from Target’s maternity line.

To be fair, the maternity clothes are sandwiched between the “regular” women’s area and the plus sized section, so it’s an easy mistake to make. But, as a non-pregnant 25-year-old in decent shape, I should be embarrassed to admit this fashion faux pas. Instead I’m just proud of myself for sticking so fervently to exceedingly comfy clothing choices.

The waistband on these shorts is literally a strip of spandex. Imagine a thick headband stitched to flowy, linen-y black fabric and that’s pretty much the entirety of these summery bottoms. I’d just like to point out that nothing about these shorts looks chic – they are just delightfully soft and I always prioritize the feel of clothing over the look.

If my fashionista cousin is reading this, I know she’s rolling her eyes and mentally preparing her rant for why apparel should enhance your appearance rather than (pitifully) detract. She’s of the belief that spandex should only play a starring role in a wardrobe if you’re Richard Simmons or a Bond girl.

But why aren’t all pants made like maternity bottoms? I mean, when we eat food, our stomachs expand. When we sit down we all get that little pooch to our belly. It’s only natural for your stomach to fluctuate throughout the day so why are jeans so darn constricting?

I say, let’s just eliminate the toothy zipper and that sadistic top button altogether and replace the conventional waistband with a stretchy strip of kindly forgiving spandex.

Whether you’re a size 0 or a size 20, we could all use a little maternity stretch in our wardrobes.

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