woman white dress breakupHello, gentlemen. I’m backkkkkk.

Remember when I last bid you adieu? Remember how haughty and snotty and certain I was that it would be the last you’d see of me? Absolutely convinced that this time, THIS TIME, I’d never have to re-enter the dating pool?

Yeah, I was an idiot.

Sometimes, no matter how badly you want something, you can’t always make it happen. You can’t snap your fingers or wish on a shooting star or stumble upon a four leaf clover to change your luck. I’ve been picturing my life a certain way for the last decade and yet, I just can’t seem to properly maneuver myself into it. Every time I nose my way up to a happily ever after, I’m metaphorically kicked in the face and sent flying backwards. Thud.

Now it’s back to the drawing board. Back to square one. A little wiser, maybe? A lot older (ugh). A bit jaded too.

Luckily everyone else it too wrapped up in their own problems to care about mine. A relationship falling apart pales in comparison to the actual issues in the world. Like, the fact that Trump is running for president is way scarier than the fact that I’m single at 28. Seriously, no contest.

So here I am, faced with a gazillion new options. The world is my oyster yet again.  But I really didn’t want the world to be my oyster. I just wanted one oyster. Pearl optional. Guess I got stuck with some crummy shellfish or something.

Anyway, I’m trying to be open minded. I’m relinquishing my love life to those who know me best. If I’m so bad at picking out love interests for myself, I’m more than ready to let someone else try.

Stay tuned for any and all romantic foibles of the future…

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