The maroon 5 / wiz kalifa song that’s out right now is an excellent break-up anthem.

I love when beautiful people, celebrities, rock stars, and models are dumped because a) it normalizes them and b) it definitely motivates them to produce some of their best work. So thanks hot victoria secret model for breaking Adam Levine’s heart and spawning this song.

This is corny but I just read something by one of my favorite authors that really stuck with me. When asked how she managed to write a book every year she said simply “Write everyday. You can’t edit a blank page”. That really resonated with me.

Even if you write the shittiest thing imaginable, you can ALWAYS change it. Writing is a shifting, transient art and there’s no harm in editing and re-editing and undoing what you’ve written until it perfectly reflects the words in your mind.

Probably time for me to look over this word-vomit blog post and edit accordingly…

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