As someone who works from home 90% of the time, it can be fun to mix it up a little and actually talk to other human beings. Working on my couch gets lonely – plus it’s terrible for my posture – so when I want to socialize and see some familiar faces, I go to UberOffices.

Working in a typical office can be a drag, but it’s not ALL bad. Sure, commuting sucks and when you feel sick there’s nothing worse than trying to hold back a sneeze so as not to infect your cube mate, but offices provide networking, social interaction, and access to tools and resources that can vastly improve the quality of your work.

Obviously, I’m a fan of UberOffices, but I’ve been to a bunch of the other DC spaces too (including Punch Rock and 1776) and I have to say there are pretty significant differences among them.

UberOffices made this infographic which walks you through the steps of selecting a coworking space for your business.

Image via Uber Offices

2 thoughts on “Coworking Spaces in DC”

  1. WAIT WHAT. I had no idea that UberOffices existed! I just moved back to D.C. after three years away & work from home myself. I’m definitely going to check them out. ANy recs for other good ones? I was planning to check out Cove…

    1. UberOffices is definitely my favorite but I’ve been to PunchRock and 1776 too. The UberOffices in Dupont is awesome (tons of cute guys…)but Rosslyn is great too and right off the Orange/Blue line. Tysons is a bit farther out but it makes sense for people who live in the area. I heard that WeWork is coming to Shaw sometime in 2014 but I don’t have any details there. Good look finding a coworking space in DC!

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