So… there’s no denying the obvious. When it comes to the bedroom, we’ve all faked an “O” or two. And it’s not just the ladies. I’ver heard from plenty of gentlemen that sometimes you’re tired/drunk/overcome with shame/whatever and just want to get it over with. A pump, a grunt, and bam. Finito.

People talk about faking it like it’s such a bad thing. It’s all about The Patriarchy; and women not getting the satisfaction they’re entitled to during sex. But, to be perfectly honest, I think faking it from time to time is kind of sweet. Whether it’s a guy or a gal doing the faking, it’s like saying to your partner – hey, it’s just not going to happen right now but I don’t want to burst your bubble / kill the mood / make this awkward, so I’ll just go along with what you’re doing.

I know that the real issue is the fact that those doing the “faking” are disproportionately women. I also get that if you can’t talk to your partner about awkward stuff like what feels good in the moment, maybe you shouldn’t be having sex with that person in the first place, but come ON.

Sometimes you just need to throw logic to the wind and accept the fact that a Sasha Gray style performance – just for the sake of it – can be fun sometimes.

Anyway, I digress. What got me thinking about faking it in the first place was this:

24 Times When it was Better to Fake It

You can also see the full, better version here.

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