So, the title of this blog post is not particularly interesting. I guess I wanted to start with the obvious and hopefully all this writing will trigger some hidden inner creativity later.

Currently, I’m watching the world cup final with my roommate Stephanie and her younger sister. We are bored. This game is extremely dull.

My weekends are usually filled with never ending job applications (like my weeks) but I decided to take a few hours to myself and eat java chip ice cream and honey comb cereal (not together…separately) while watching the game and relaxing with the girls.

I guess since the plan is to use this blog as a way to accumulate writing samples and possibly connect with others who could help me with the big bad job hunt I should at least mention my interests.

I love to read and write. I’m a sucker for Jodi Picoult books and fitness magazines. In terms of employment I’m hoping to find a job in event planning, PR, marketing, hospitality, or journalism. My dream dream dream job is to be a pastry chef in Paris but I know I’d never find a way to pull that off. I’m an embarrassingly bad cook.

Does anyone have any recipe ideas for a broke college grad? Something that involves minimal time, minimal money, and loads of vitamins and minerals? I don’t have benefits so I better stay healthy! (Thanks mom and dad for keeping me on the family health insurance for now by the way…)

Wow. this first post is definitely a mishmash of thoughts. I guess we can just assume I’ll be ADD with this. I really can’t imagine it being any other way…

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