If there’s anything I’ve learned from Jennifer Lawrence (aside from how to shoot a bow and arrow like a BAMF) it’s how to be a “cool” girl. She’s taught us ladies that cool girls swear a lot and drink a lot and effortlessly keep up with the guys (all the while looking totally adorbs).

I definitely always aspire to be one of those cool girls. I have a pretty dirty mouth, and don’t wear much make up, and have a generally easy-to-get-along-with disposition, but one area where I fall desperately short is my love for beer. And by that, I mean I don’t have any.

My sister works for the biggest beer company on the planet and I STILL can’t pretend to like the stuff.

I’ve tried. I’ve really fucking tried.

Anyhoooo, that brings me to my next point, which is that I find beer connoisseurs incredibly annoying. If I’m being honest with myself (and honesty is always the best policy, right mom?) it might be because I’m secretly jealous.

How does beer taste good to them? How do they detect such subtle differences in berries or wheat or grain or whatever? How does that bitter, frothy, foamy grossness taste as divine as they claim? Is there something wrong with my tastebuds? Is there something wrong with me??

Well, let’s not open up THAT can of worms.

If you consider yourself someone who knows a thing or two about beer and you’re willing to take a 12-question quiz to prove your expertise, you might win one of 5 coveted brew tour tickets from a DC-based transit company. It’s an entire day of beer tasting at DC breweries plus transportation to and from the different spots – completely free.

Even if you don’t win anything, you can still obnoxiously brag about your score – if you manage to get 100%. It’s not easy.


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