Who says goodbye for real anymore?

Aside from the ultimate au revoir, death, humans are just too technologically connected these days to lose touch completely. A goodbye is only a see-you-later, not a see-you-never.

But what about when both parties know that it has to be the end? It has to be. For the sake of everyone involved. It can be healthy to completely cut yourself off from the past now and then, right?

Sure, paths cross unexpectedly and a random 3 AM drunk text can be the grape-scented glue stick weakly binding two individuals together, but the final goodbye lingers. It’s been formally announced and acknowledged and the gavel’s been pounded.

So why is a goodbye still so hard to accept?

Maybe it’s just me, and I don’t know how to do goodbyes, but in the middle of this one I simply stood there, awkwardly biting my lower lip and softly mumbling ‘bye, like I’d see him tomorrow, or this weekend, or next.

Forever goodbyes are so unlikely, so few and far between. Most of us don’t know how to be gone for good. We cling to our pasts, and re-visit old loves, and wonder what if.

One thought on “Hello, Goodbye”

  1. Nice and interesting topic! Most of us are afraid to say goodbye to our loved ones because of they think that saying goodbye is saying "we will never met forever". As what the saying goes "friends can be lovers but lovers can't be friends" this is a ridiculous fact about saying goodbye between the lovers nowadays. It is the mere representation that there are big changes when the relationship is already over.

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