nerdy boyOkay ladies- I’ve figured it all out. It’s so simple. So beautifully simple. When you’re feeling down about your dating life or generally insecure about yourself, hit up a video game convention.

When work took me to an eSports discussion panel earlier this week, I assumed the conversation would revolve around fantasy sports or maybe celebrity athletes making fools of themselves on twitter. Alas, no.

I’m not sure why I didn’t figure this out earlier when I was looking over the scheduled speakers, but the event ended up being a full blown gamer convention. Before I could grab my swag bag and sneak out the back, the moderator tapped his mic and the room grew silent. I contemplated making a run for it, but fought the urge to escape. Besides, I’d set aside an hour for this and needed to come away with some content if I was going to write the article they had assigned to me.

At first I felt awkward, out of place, and utterly female. But then, when I saw a guy with a neck beard and unibrow eyeing me across the room I started to see a silver lining…

I fully recognized my power towards the end of the talk when all four panelists had their eyes locked on me. The man sitting in front of me repeatedly turned around, confused, to see what they could possibly be staring at with such unrelenting intensity.

It dawned on me then – I was in a room full of gamer nerds! Adorkable!

There was one other lady towards the back, but she was dowdy and about 50 (okay, maybe like, 38, but still…) and I was in my lululemon leggings. Oh leggings. Nothing like a spandexed backside to instantly arouse a room full of sexually deprived males between the ages of 18 and 30.

As the talk wound down, I gratefully put my laptop away and grabbed my coat to escape the stinky room and inhale some much-needed fresh air. Before I could take a step, three gamer dudes approached me and formed a human barrier between me and my exit.

One of them said something awkwardly and the other two laughed. I was momentarily distracted by the glint of braces in boy #1’s mouth. Seriously. He was single handedly solidifying the gamer stereotype. One guy held out a business card. I smiled, grabbed the card, mumbled something about being late for the next event and high-tailed it out of the room.

So, moral of the story here.

While these guys were not the type I would ordinarily date, I realized that in a span of 45 minutes, I was handed two business cards, got the names and twitter handles of two others, and politely turned down an invitation for drinks. That’s more attention than I’ve EVER received at a bar, a coffee shop, or the gym. To be fair, I live in one of the gayest zip codes in the country (seriously, that’s a thing), but still, the experience of being lusted after was thrilling.

Ladies, it’s all about location, location, location. The (single) guys exist, they’re just hard to find.

3 thoughts on “How To Meet Guys”

  1. Big lesson here is the old saying…”don’t judge a book by its cover” (with Kindles and iPads everywhere that won’t mean much to you twenty somethings, but we old, “dowdy” 38+ year olds understand!) That braces-faced gamer dude you avoid today may be starting the next multi million dollar company like that thing they called THE facebook. Just sayin….. Love, mom!

  2. Bahaha. I love going to Comic Con, and yes – if you’re a girl there, you will be stared at for quite some time. Though the girls wearing nothing but spandex and heels saying they’re “in costume” (…right) do get more of the attention. Whoa!

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