Am I TOO normal?

I’ve always kind of pictured myself as the girl-next-door type. Someone laid back and easy going who’s cute enough to show off to your friends and sweet enough to bring home to your mom, but lately I’ve been feeling like maybe that’s a bad thing.

Watching some of the girls around me, I’m amazed by what some of them get away with – and how guys don’t even bat an eye at their appalling behavior.

I’ve watched girls go ape-shit crazy on their bf’s over the stupidest things (“you emailed your ex-gf something totally harmless and non-romantic?????!! We’re DONE!!”) and the guy quickly apologizes and backs down and pledges his undying love for crazy betch.

Or, when some girls feel sick and demand to be taken care of and pampered and brought soup and comfort food, and guilt their boyfriends into taking a sick day too so they can properly take care of them. And guys seem to eat this up. They want to swoop in and save the day.  They want to feel needed and appreciated. I guess in the modern world of dating, bringing tea to a vomming girlfriend is one way to achieve that?

Sometimes (and here’s the cliched situation that we all know too well) girls take hours to get ready for a night out. They agonize over the perfect outfit, trying on option after option. They shower and blow out their hair and do a full face of make-up and nails and toes and self-tanner and perfect their appearance from head to toe. And their boyfriends patiently wait because if it takes the girl two hours to look hot – it’s worth the wait? I WOULD NEVER DO THAT. You’d think guys would want a low maintenance girl but it seems like they prefer someone they have to work to maintain.

Guys put up with SO MUCH BS from girls on a regular basis and it shocks me. Why do males endure the crazies? Do they stick it out because they’re in love? Or because it’s easier to stay with someone and all their issues than it is to turn around and start over with someone new? Do hormones and brain chemistry keep them tied to these girls?

All I can say is…watching the relationships around me, it makes me want to be a controlling, psychotic, over-emotional, high maintenance girl just so I can get some god damn attention.

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