I’ve never really been good at acting like a normal, functioning adult when I’m boyfriend-less, but lately, let me just say – UGHH I HATE SINGLE ME.

Single me does stupid stuff for attention. Single me wants every weekend night to become an awesome story, or a better-than-average blog post, or a fogged over memory of epic-ness. Single me encourages my friends to booty call randos they don’t really like just so I can live vicariously through their drunken, horned-up exploits. It’s not that single me can’t have sexploits of her own, but single me has to be careful. Single me doesn’t want to get a reputation or anything.

Single me wakes up with a hangover at 2 pm with an entire Sunday gone and a craving for Shake Shack that borders on desperation. Single me looks like a hot mess after a night of partying and passing out in my bed with a made-up face and lips swollen from making out with someone I don’t remember. Ok, confession – I just don’t want to remember. Single me prays to black out and misremember a night but usually, thanks to an ever-climbing alcohol tolerance, single me’s adventures just get blurry around the edges – like an instagrammed snapshot of the evening. Only worse.

Single me awakes to an iphone crammed with texts from worried friends – did you get home ok? How did your night end up? I’m fine guys. I’m always fine. Single me looks at the old family pictures on her bedroom wall shamefully, wondering if she’s dishonored the lineage. Single me shuffles blearily into a kitchen of pregamed chaos. Limes and sticky solo cups lining the counters and chairs in disarray. Single me drunk-eats leftovers at 3 am if she doesn’t make a stop at jumbo slice first. Single me eats jumbo slice. Although, come to think of it, non-single me eats jumbo slice from time to time too.

Single me is the worst version of me. She’s the one who drunk dials ex-boyfriends in the middle of the night just to hear a familiar voice even if she regrets it the next day. She’s the one who thoughtlessly gives her parents cause for concern. She’s the one who favors reckless decisions over rational ones.

So, despite the outrageous amounts of fun that single me has, it is certainly time to become non-single me. I can’t take much more of this.

4 thoughts on “I’m Stupid When I’m Single”

  1. Wow. So to summarize without a strong male presence to anchor you, you become an attention-starved needy drunk?

  2. ^ I agree. Shouldn't you work on being happy and well adjusted on your own, before you think about being with someone else?

  3. HAHA it's funny that people think she's serious. Obviously exaggerated, which would be obvious if you knew her at all.

  4. You seems to be so wild when you are single. You really act like there's no hope in the near future. You know what it's just natural to live life to the fullest but not in the sense to abuse your life just because someone left you. There's always sunshine after the rain. Anyways, I always wanted to be single but it never happen. Thanks for this one. I really enjoy reading your posts.

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