Clearly I’m not cool enough to get invited to any parties in this city ever but apparently I’m dorky enough to score press credentials to think tank events and the occasional inaugural ball. Chyeahhh.

There will be no drop-ins by the Obamas because it’s not one of the TWO official events (so sad!) but a ball is a ball is a ball, right?

Disney Ball

My fancy schmancy party dress is currently hanging on a hook in my bathroom so I can ghetto steam it when I shower today. Gotta get those wrinkles out from the last party I attended (like… a year ago? Longer?) and there’s no way I’m shelling out for same day dry cleaning the weekend of the inauguration. What am I, Rockefeller?

Anyhoo anyhoo more details to come but for now, I’m just praying no one figures out I’m a hipster fraud and don’t belong at the official cool kids millennial party on H and 7th.

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