Wow. The real world is exhausting.

I don’t know why this comes as such a shock to me but it’s literally an inexplicable feeling when you come home at the end of a 9-5 workday. Until this week I thought I knew what it meant to be tired but now I know the true meaning behind the word (and let’s be honest, I’m still being quite the little drama queen. There are people who would laugh in my face right now if they heard me complaining).

When I compare my lifestyle to that of my friends doing “the finance thing” in New York I don’t understand how they are still functioning human beings. Their days begin at 6 am and don’t come to a close until their heads hit the pillow well after midnight. Although their jobs include long lunch breaks and idle time spent trying to look busy, they are still stuck inside an over-air-conditioned, artificially-lit office building for 15 hours straight. Yuck.

I’m very grateful because I have a fabulous job doing EXACTLY what I want to be doing but it doesn’t make it any less draining. Right now I’m working at a wellness company just outside DC. It’s a fairly small company but they are swamped with new clients so I really had to hit the ground running. I’ve only had 3 full days of work, but I’m proud to say I survived them all! It’s funny… I was thinking about how I started this blog because I had nothing to do all day and writing was a way to keep me occupied. I blogged because I had nothing better to do. Now, I actually AM employed and I barely had even a second to spare to write this post. I’m wondering if I should rename the blog “I’m NOT blogging because I AM employed”

More to come later… hopefully the weekend will allow for some downtime!

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