strawberriesncreamSometimes it feels like you don’t have a shot in hell of making it through a week unscathed.

A flight delay means you’re stuck wandering around Ebola-ridden DFW airport for a night, a registration lapse leads to $400 in parking tickets while you’re away, and a jury summons awaits when you return from your business trip.


Come on, life, cut me a break!

Sure, these are total first world problems and the types of stressors we all experience from time to time, but I feel like when something bad happens, it’s almost always a case of “when it rains, it pours”.

As things pile up and up and up and you feel like you’ve reached your breaking point, I’ve found the only thing to do is mentally back away, take cover from the shit storm, and treat yourself.

So I did.

Spa treatments and strawberry shortcake are the ultimate solution for life improvement.

(Unless you’re allergic to strawberries, in which case, I would not recommend this method of treatment… though an ER visit might spice things up for ya.)

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