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How are YOU engaged??

You’re literally THE WORST. I know because I dated you. My mistake.

It seems like we ended things a matter of months ago, but when I look deep into my iPhone’s text history, you’re not even there. You were years ago. Half a decade. How did that happen? Where did the time go? Why do I feel only days or weeks removed from a break up, while you’ve successfully left us in the dust?

You managed to snag someone who actually wants to be forever by your side. How? Who is she? Are you just a totally different person?

Or, was it me? Did I bring out the worst in you? If she knew how you treated me, would she be outraged? Flattered? Would she feel ashamed of who you were or all the more special?

Was it just about timing? Were you awful to me because you were 22 and clueless? At 27, you must have become a better person, right? I sure hope so. I would not have thought it possible, but miracles do happen.

Did your behavior flip like a switch? When you met her, was that it? The tipping point? Game, set, match? Or did your transformation occur more slowly? Maybe there was actual contemplation and self-reflection… Bah!

It’s always those you least expect. I would have envisioned you bar hopping and heart breaking for years to come. I guess you chose a different path and I suppose I can respect that.

Good luck…?

3 thoughts on “A Letter to a Recently Engaged Ex-Boyfriend”

  1. This is such an honest expression of your feelings. I know we all have been “there” at one point or the other.

    For his fiance’s sake I hope he is a better person!

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