living life just right
All of our lives have ups and downs, peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows. Being human means you oscillate between great days, dark days — the whole spectrum.

For me, the last couple months have been both weird and wonderful.

It’s been close to half a year now since I pressed pause on real life and decided to just wing it.

After six months of solo travel, whirlwind writing sessions, and unpredictable freelance assignments, I’ve come to the conclusion that this way of life is both terrifying and thrilling.

No one tells me what to do. I get to be my own boss. I can be as professionally ADD as I please.

Some days I teach exercise classes, other days I conduct health screenings. I might spend an afternoon drafting website copy or brainstorming startup ideas or helping someone with their new company’s brand strategy. In between trying to, you know, actually earn some money, I escape. I wander. I explore.

With no direct oversight, I get to do whatever feels appealing to me in that moment.

Do I have it all figured out? Literally ZERO percent. But I’m finally realizing that that’s half the fun…

A close friend recently asked how my day to day life would change if I won a million dollars tomorrow. It was truth-telling time, but nothing specific came to mind. When I looked at him, still searching for words, he tried again: “What would you do differently?” he pressed.

I couldn’t think of a single thing I’d change. Because really, is there anything out there that matters to me that I’m not currently doing?

No amount of money gives me more freedom or control over my time. A million bucks couldn’t make me happier or healthier than I am right now.

So, in case I have any say in what the future looks like… I’ll take more of exactly this.

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