What’s the farthest you’d go for a hookup?

Not just any old makeout sesh either. A once in a lifetime shot. The real deal. A guaranteed, pleasure-filled evening with the guy or gal of your dreams.

Would you go across town? Drive across the state? Hop on a plane cross country? Would you traverse an ocean for someone?

And does the destination matter? Like, is it more okay to book a last minute flight to bang someone in LA than someone in Omaha?What if the total travel time is longer than the actual visit? Does that up the creepiness factor? Does it make the person traveling look desperate or pathetic? Or, do you simply tolerate the endless airport security lines and hours spent wedged into the middle seat at the back of the plane for the promise of multiple orgasms?

If someone drives 8 hours for a 2 hour booty call, that’s the definition of craziness, right? Or, do all normal hookup rules go out the window if both parties are entirely on board and in the same frame of mind. Can you agree to laugh about the absurdity of 27 hours of air travel for 9 hours of time spent together?

Is there some kind of golden ratio for time spent traveling to time spent canoodling that optimizes for happiness?

And then there’s the cost.

Would you be willing to spend $30 to get there? Say, a tank of gas.
What about $150? Your average economy airline ticket.
Or, $1000? Flying to an entirely different continent.

How much do you want it? What is that person worth to you?

Is one sweaty, sultry night worth a whole paycheck? Would you sacrifice buying groceries for a week if you got to get it on? And if you put a price tag on it, what does that make you…? Sure, you’re not paying FOR sex, but you’re literally paying a specific dollar amount to get TO the sex. It makes you wonder…

I’m not sure I’ve figured out the protocol for cross country flings yet, but it seems to me there’s an extremely fine line between a romantic gesture and pure insanity. When it comes to long distance hookups, I’m curious what tips the scale.

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5 thoughts on “The Long Distance Hookup”

  1. This is an especially interesting question to pose to the guys who get caught on To Catch a Predator :-/

    I guess it depends on how much sex matters to you though. When I was younger and more innocent I would (and did) consider much further distances than I would now, since I don’t care much about sex anymore. I don’t like thinking about this so I’m going to stop writing.

  2. Kat, I just did a big catch up on your blogs….you continue to be spot on, amazing writing – love your perspectives…:)

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