Would you say your pesto is the besto?

Today I used my food processor.

I’ve had it since Christmas but always found the thought of unearthing it from its deep dark corner of the cupboard a bit disconcerting.

A work event this morning took me to a nearby suburb (at 5 am thank you very much) but when the health fair wrapped up and we stumbled into the sunlight, I had a chance to catch my breath and look around. We were standing next to a Korean Costco. Best. Day. Ever.

I’m terrible at decision making, so despite the abundance of exotic foods, I hastily grabbed a few things I recognized (Kiwis! Jicama! Basil!) and tried my best not to embarrass myself or offend anybody (it was like sooo many jokes waiting to happen).

I’d been craving pesto which I knew belonged in food processor land. So I went for it.

Turns out my Kermit-green chopping machine is pretty much the least threatening appliance in my kitchen (um, hello terrifying electric kettle that hisses at me when I just want to enjoy a nice cup of tea). The pesto was 100% delicious, easy to make, and the machine’s blade stayed a reasonably safe distance from my fingers.

I wonder what else I’ve missed out on because it seemed too daunting to attempt on my own…

Right now I’m feeling immensely proud of this admittedly not-so-impressive pesto endeavor. But whatevs. Go ME!

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