I’m literally too busy to write in complete sentences so for now this bullet-pointed blog post will have to suffice. Oh look, that was actually a complete sentence! (As was that one…)

My days go something like this:

6:28 am – wake up
6:40 – run
7:50 – shower, pack lunch, eat breakfast
9 – go to work
5ish pm – drive home
6- snarf dinner because I’m so starving and exhausted I feel faint
7 – walk around the block a few times until I hit 10,000 steps on my pedometer
8 – eat dessert
9 – get in bed and watch 5 episodes of arrested development back to back
10 – sleep

This has been my life-schedule for the past 2 weeks with literally zero variation from day to day. The most exciting things that happened this week were:

1) seeing a cute puppy on my morning run
2) going for a walk midday and absorbing some vitamin D
3) walking to Target with my roommate A and buying a family sized pack of Twizzlers

I can’t wait for the weekend 🙂

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