Leave me alone.

What are you even doing here anymore? And by “here”, I mean, in my head.

Why do you assume there’s still a place for you in my thoughts? You’re so entitled. So unmoving. Will you be here forever? Somehow the ghost of you has lasted far longer than the relationship ever did and that feels terrifically unfair…

I’ve been thinking about it in terms of exponential decay and it’s like you have an enduring half life that I just can’t shake. You grow fainter and fainter in my mind – a whisper of your former self and yet, you’re still occupying space. You’re zipping across the nerve fibers, speeding up those action potentials, and burying yourself deeper into the gray matter of my brain.

Of course, every time I’m just starting to forget, every time I get caught up in a moment of happiness, you just haaaave to pop into my mind for a quick hello – a reminder that you exist and that you’re not going to let yourself be forgotten, dagnabbit. It’s just one more example of your overwhelming selfishness; that need you have to always be the center of attention.

My mind gives you more credit than you’re worth. But then again, you’re worth nothing.

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