Whether you’ve said it once, twice, or thousands of times before, working up the courage to tell someone you love them can literally be a stroke-inducing endeavor.

I don’t mean that automatic, knee jerk “love ya” at the end of a phone call with your mom. That’s easy! In fact, you should tell your mom you love her every day. But no, I mean romantic love. Love love. The mushy stuff Kate Hudson romcoms lead us to believe is always just around the corner, or across the hall, or sitting next to us at the bar. 

We might be an entitled, selfish, picky generation that struggles to find fulfillment, but when we’re lucky enough to find love – we know not to scare it away. You don’t want to blurt out your feelings too soon, or you risk leaving the other person mute, terrified, ice-sculpture still. 

But when you know it, and you know you know it, how do you say it? When do you say it? Where do you say it?

  • You can subtly tap it out in morse code on their bedframe the morning after a night together. Tip tap tip tap, spelling out your thoughts. Fingers drumming twice as fast as your racing pulse. You’re like the freakin’ Helen Keller of romance.

  • You can spell it out into the curve of their back claiming it’s just a new massage technique you picked up. Tickle-write it as loopy as possible so the message is 80% incomprehensible. 

  • You can whisper it in their ear in the middle of the night when their breathing is steady and you know they won’t remember the next day. Even if some part of you hopes that they do. 

  • You can pepper every sentence with the word love to get them to associate you with the phrase. You LOVE the color pink, you LOVE fried egg sandwiches, you LOVE when the metro is on time. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Hit them over the head with it to really drive your point home.

  • You can write a blog post about saying I love you and hope they read it and say the words out loud to you first. 

Or you can just say it. Directly. No tricks or coughs or whispers or secrets. Just say it unabashedly, like you really mean it. And mean it.

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