man and woman on date in wilderness

Sometimes, there are people who surprise you.

People with whom you have nothing tangible in common and yet, when your paths cross somewhat fortuitously, you feel like you’ve known each other a lifetime.

Maybe, unlike you, they didn’t go to private school and spend summer vacations in Europe. Maybe they grew up in a town so small, the nearest hospital was a three hour ambulance ride away. Maybe their last few weekends revolved around backbreaking construction gigs instead of SoulCycle classes and mimosa-fueled brunches.

But, at the end of the day, none of these lifestyle differences actually matter, because there’s… something. A spark. An unmistakable ember of desire.

In my world, we single ladies are instructed to look for “suitable” life partners from “appropriate” circles. We’re told this person should “come from a good family” and “have a promising future”. If that sounds absurdly Austen-esque to you, well, you’re not far off…

Friends of friends try to set you up with their wealthy cousin’s wealthier cousin and that first date consists of you sucking down glass after glass of bubbly prosecco while half-listening to a 30-year-old bro explain his highbrow job in finahhnce ad nauseum. You spend the hour wondering — can brain cells disintegrate from boredom?

For what it’s worth, you know now that none of these guys are meant for you. It took a decade, but these entitled, name-dropping mama’s boys are so clearly not who you should be with.

Funnily enough, they’re so besotted with themselves, so impressed with their smirky banter and ankle-baring skinny jeans they can’t handle the fact that you might not share in that opinion.

But it’s so obvious now.

Despite what some might assume, you’d much rather spend a night trading kisses in a tent under the stars than be tucked between 800-thread count sheets in a five-star hotel.

And you’d choose burgers and brats over lobster any day when the meat’s grilled lakeside next to a cabin built by capable hands.

And you know you just want to be with someone who can give you a life rich in love and laughter instead of material possessions.

So it’s probably time to give this boy a chance.

You haven’t found Prince Charming by looking in castles and kingdoms. Maybe he’s just been waiting quietly in the wings all along.

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