couple-love-romanticAn old Seinfeld episode makes light of the signs that point to a relationship getting serious. When a woman feels comfortable enough to leave a box of tampons in your medicine cabinet, for example, you know she sees long-term potential (sorry, but a gal’s gotta have her lady things).

Lately, though, I’ve noticed that it’s other, less cliché situations that indicate your new relationship might just be the real deal.

Like, when you order shoes to his apartment (a gutsy move in and of itself), he doesn’t bat an eye when the flats appear in a box marked with Bellisima Bridal in enormous, bold lettering. Plenty of guys would go running for the hills if anything remotely hinting at weddings! marriage! commitment! appeared at their front door, but if he’s unfazed, it’s a very promising sign.

Or, when you casually mention that you’re adding him to the list of emergency contacts in your iPhone and instead of chuckling uncomfortably and asking why the hell you’d go and do a thing like that, he whips out his phone to add you to his ICE list as well.

Cuddling on the couch at the end of a long week, the conversation turns to feng shui. When you pipe up with a few subtle decor suggestions, he nods in agreement that the living room would look better with a mirror over the couch and an armchair in the corner. He doesn’t get defensive or indignant. He doesn’t think you’re trying to change him. He simply trusts that you’re providing useful design tips and he values your input.

Imagine that.

When two people are on the same page, there’s no reason to balk when one half of the couple does something that could be construed as clingy or “coming on too strong”. Each of these situations has the potential to devolve into a sitcom-y series of misunderstandings, but if you manage to make it through these awkward, relationship milestones, you can assume that you’ve got someone worth hanging on to.

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