wedding_thoughtcatalogSomeone who I was once in love / very much “in like” with got married last weekend. I’m happy for him, but sad for me.

Some say he once maybe had a thing for me too, but alas, it was just never meant to be. In the end, I’m glad he’s happy and ended up with someone who truly seems like his better half. She’s a lucky lady.

In the wake of the social media posts congratulating the happy couple and displaying the sunny perfection that was their wedding day, I vented in the only way I knew how – blogging, of course.

Thought Catalog picked up the piece, and as of today, it’s racked up something like four thousand views. So, while I’m slightly heartbroken, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone. This is clearly a relatable situation and almost everyone has their version of “the one that got away”.

Here’s mine: When Your Crush Gets Married and You’re Not The Bride

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