Quarter Life CrisisAre we all in the midst of a quarter life crisis?

Yesterday, an AMA on reddit with Bill Gates alluded to some software from the eighties that did something remarkable at the time. Even though it only came out, like, maybe, 27 years ago, one redditor commented that that timespan was equal to 300 computer years. Kind of like dog years, but for tech.

And it’s true that the shelf life of all things tech-related feels like just a matter of days. Progress in this field is continuous, overwhelming, and lightning fast. Time seems to pass differently here than elsewhere.

So growing up as millennials in the midst of a technological revolution of sorts, are our years worth more or less than the years of those before us? Have we done more living by 25? Or have we failed to live up to our generational potential?

Many of the people in my social circle suffer from some serious first world problems. Myself included. We whine and moan and cry and then marvel at the fact that we even have anything to complain about. We look for new jobs and new apartments, new friends and new loves. We criticize the shows and movies and articles that showcase people like us, but we’re guilty too.

It’s easy to compare yourself to your parents – what had they done by the time they were 25? Marriage? Kids? House with a mortgage? And were these accomplishments or just two people going through the motions?

How easy was happiness then?

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  1. Great thoughts. Now that I think about it, I wonder what “happiness” will be years from now. Seems like it’s constantly changing for us college grads.

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