I get bored easily. Really, really easily.

Like, if I paint my nails gold in the morning, I’m picking it off by 3 pm, and re-painting them charcoal gray before bed. And it’s not because I want my nails to reflect my mood and mornings feel sunny and sparkly and bright, it’s just that I like switching up the little things.

So, it strikes me as odd that I’m so slow to make big life changes.

Once I settle into a routine, I feel compelled to make it work. I have overwhelming patience for flaky friends, dead end jobs, and miserable living situations. In college, I paid $1000 a month for a grimy, possibly asbestos-ridden, mouse-infested unit for THREE years because it was kind of sort of near my boyfriend’s apartment… And we had an awesome beer pong set-up… And moving’s such a pain… And Chicago’s really cold… And wah wah wah.

So is my impatience for the little things caused by my unending tolerance for the big stuff? Or, does my general steadiness lead to these sporadic bursts of mini-change?

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