I love Girls so much. And not in the lesbian way (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) but in the can’t get enough of Lena Dunham and her quirky brilliance kind of way. If there are any mid-20-year-old girls currently living in a major city who don’t find this show appealing, you’re crazy.

In general, I’m not the most opinionated person, but I can honestly say I LOVE THIS SHOW. There have been some complaints about the white-ness of it (literally not a single black/brown/asian person in any of the 8 episodes so far), but for people like me (sorry, I’m white and privileged) the show really hits home.

It does a good job of highlighting how trivial 20-something’s problems are without being condescending. One character, Marnie, breaks up with her boyfriend of four years and spends the next few episodes moping around and wallowing in her misery. She is really, really sad even though it was HER decision to break up with the guy.

I can completely relate to this. Just because you don’t want to be with someone anymore doesn’t mean you don’t feel sad about being alone. Marnie had a constant companion and built-in best friend for four years. Losing that is like losing a family member. Or a limb. Or something equally monumental. When the ex-bf shows up at a party two weeks after the break-up with a tiny, new, adorable girlfriend, Marnie is crushed. Partly because the girl is cute and it’s clear the boyfriend has moved on, but partly because she wanted to beat him to the punch.

When you’re the breaker-upper, you usually assume you’ll be the first to re-find happiness. When that doesn’t happen it’s confusing.

Break-ups completely suck. That’s easy enough to conclude, but lately I’ve been thinking what’s so terrible about them isn’t losing a boyfriend. It’s losing the friendship you created with someone over the time you spent together.

And even if you can truly be friends with an ex, it’s never the same. You will never be as important to each other as you once were. And to me, that’s the saddest part about it. Becoming less important to someone who was, at one time, the biggest part of your life.

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  1. I certainly agree with your point. It's a sad reality for the break-upper to see their ex get over easily and found someone new. It's a big slap in our face. I've tried being friends with my ex and I find it ok though at first you will both feel awkward but if you trully accept the reality that it's over you can really be good friends.

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