So, I’m employed now and have been for over a year. I’m too lazy to change the name of this blog but I’d like to keep writing about the post college working world. It seems to be a pretty hot topic these days and obviously it’s relevant to my life, so I guess it’s all the more important for me to talk/blog about.

My position at work has officially switched from program manager to marketing & communications manager, so for the unforeseeable future, I’ll be the resident blogger, online media content manager, and article writer. In general, this is a pretty low stress job and I don’t have to report to anyone on a daily basis. That freedom in itself will be a wonderfully refreshing change.

More posts to come. I’ve got some pretty funny stories from the gym last week. It cracks me up when people make new year’s resolutions to get healthy and hit the gym hard for about 6 days and then bail for the rest of the year. Def have to share my experiences with my 2 readers (thanks S and N!)

Happy 2012!

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