Re-watching old Disney movies while babysitting recently, I was reminded that fairy tales really go all in on the idea of falling in love at first sight.

In nearly every film, the moment a prince lays eyes on some fair maiden he is besotted.

There is no hesitation, no stumble, no second-guessing his desire. He must have her and so, he overcomes all obstacles — mythical creatures, evil relatives, and magical spells — to make her his.

There is such certainty of feelings.

In reality, love seems to move a little slower.

Proceeding with caution at the start of a relationship can help two people figure out how to fit into each other’s lives. It allows feelings to develop over time.

We’re constantly reminded by friends and family not to rush things.

But if a new couple moves too slowly, you leave room for distraction. Things can fizzle out. You allow space for others to worm their way in and disrupt your burgeoning romance.

So I wonder… is there anything wrong with just letting yourself feel something the moment you sit down to date #1? Why are we all so resistant to this?

My friends joke about not wanting to “catch feelings”. Men mock women who fall for a guy too hard too fast.

But really, what’s wrong with falling in love quickly?

Why shouldn’t you let your guard down, throw caution to the wind, and just… see what happens.

It crushes me that, these days, it seems like everyone’s too jaded and experienced and grown up to naively tumble into love. We’ve built these impenetrable walls around our hearts to protect us from pain, but ultimately they just prevent us from feeling anything at all. Maybe it’s a DC thing? Maybe it’s a millennial thing?

I’m not sure if there was ever a time when true love at first sight existed, but I’d like a sprinkle of that kind of optimism to exist in today’s dating world.

Because no matter how heartbroken you might feel if a relationship ultimately doesn’t work out, isn’t the fizzy endorphin rush of budding love worth it?

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