It frequently comes as a surprise that even the sweetest, dweebiest, nerdiest guys have had considerably more sexual partners than I have. I mean, I’m not that bad to look at and I’m certainly no angel, yet I’ve shown restraint with my lady parts to avoid becoming known as the town slut.

But then I hear these stories, and it’s like, with guys, the more casual, emotionally unattached, and depraved the hook up, the prouder they are.

  • Duuuuude I fucked some girl last night (high fives ensue)
  • Duuuuude I think she pissed on our floor (snicker snicker)
  • Duuuuude is she still here..? (looks of horror all around)

HA HA HA. How is this a thing?

When a girl has a one night stand (or a casual fling or anything remotely “unacceptable”) she instantly wants to undo it. The morning after, heels in hand, she is quick to flee the scene of the crime.

A girl feels the need to rationalize, to justify, to erase.

She wonders – is there a loophole in the system that will allow this guy not to count as a notch on her bedpost?

  • Maybe it was just the tip?
  • Maybe he didn’t finish? 
  • He wore a condom, right? So it barely even counts… 

The fact that women even feel the need to make such ridiculous (and patently false) justifications is sad.

Why can’t we just screw proudly and not give a damn how many penises are in or around us?

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